Sunday, July 29, 2018

What Bridget Jones and I have in common

What a raging succes were the Bridget Jones' books.
We all loved her. Her clumsy charm, akwardness, the fact that she wasn't perfect, but still a hopeless romantic.
I thought I would devote this blog to what I have in common with Bridget Jones. One of my favourite fictive characters.


Remember that incident where Bridget made a tumble of the bike in the gym? I have totally been there! I was doing some hardcore biking at one of those spinning cycles when I stopped, my legs felt all wobbly and I had no balance. So, I fell with my ass on the machine right next to the bike. Thank god, it was quiet at the time.

Another situation that is simular is that time in the fitting room of a store.
(This scene is only in the book by the way)
I had seen this cute dress that I wanted to try on and grabbed my size. But the dress was rather tight around the chest. Once put on, I didn't manage to take it off resulting in an episode of me trying to desperately trying to take of that dress in the fitting room.


I can just be as awkward as Bridget is. When in a surrounding where I'm not sure what is expected of me, I can get quite uncomfortable. When being hired at my last job the manager introduced herself to me. Instead of replying with my name as any normal person would I replied: Ayay captain! Rose is reporting to the ship.
She just glanced at me in suprise and didn't quite know what to say.

Everlasting weight battle

I have been battling my weight since early twenties. I know the struggles and the jojo effect all too well. In the last book she was on healthy weight, but became pregnant.
I would see that kind of irony happening to me as well.

She's had her bad boys and her mysterious introvert guys

I have been there. The charming, all talk, but no walk type. The type of guy that will replace his old pair of shoes with new ones before throwing them away. Then later trying to charm me again. Yeah, uhm no thanks then!
But I've also had my Darcy. 

The introvert, and mysterious one. Hard to swoon, based on logic, but romantic deep down.

Not giving up

When Bridget had to leave her job due to bad boy drama, she didn't give up and found a new career in television. I've never given up on mine either. Once I lost a job, it took me only a day or two to start applying for new ones.


Just like Bridget, I keep a diary for my own sanity. Writing a diary helps to get life experiences out, and gives the opportunity to reflect on them later.

Writing this blog post was incredibly fun to do.
Which makes me wonder: what do you have in common with your favourite character?
Would you consider blogging it?

Love and blessings,

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A boyfriends guide to a womans week

Hey guys,

This one goes out to you. We need to talk.
Look, I know you won’t be able to understand this as well as us women do, but a lot of us feel really horrible on our week.
Yes, I am talking that week. The woman’s period.
You will probably notice a few things about us such as we’re more stressed, emotional, we can experience mood swings.
Those commercials for products we need to use that week are highly misleading. No, we do not feel like swimming, running, dancing. So, please don’t believe them.
We feel like binging on Netflix and ice cream and an irrational amount of our favourite snacks.

Guys, here is how to survive:
We are in pain

Our back, our legs, our belly, our shoulders. Yes, everything can hurt.
Be a dear, and carry that grocery bag for us.
Belly rubs, and warm water bottles are very welcome too.

Do not overask us

Whilst we like to do little things such as making you a cup of tea in the evening, it can just be too much to ask for in that particular week.
We have to study/work and after the day is done, so are we. Leave us alone or bring us a cup of tea instead.

Bring us the foooood

If we ask you to bring us a burger at an unholy hour, go get it. We will be very grateful.
If we didn’t ask, and you get us our favourite icecream: you deserve a golden star!
Don’t. Look. for. Discussion.

Or there will be moody hell to pay. Understand that we are very hormonal, and we do not like discussion. Don’t try to be: Mr-I-Am-Right.
Do us a favor, and save it for the boys at the bar.
A real no-go is the taunting: awww are you on your period?

We may be emotional

No, nothing terrible happened. We will burst out in tears for no reason. We may have the need to watch really sappy movies  Do not let it shock you. Just give us a hug and be sweet to us.

I'm wrapping this up.
Ladies, show it your guy.
And also, what is your favourite way to deal with the ladies week?

Love and blessings,

Sunday, July 15, 2018

When failure leads to future victory

I used to be so afraid to fail when I was younger.
When you give something important a try, all you want is to succeed right?

What I learned though throughout the years is that failing is this epically important thing.
When I quit my first bachelor program at first, it felt like I had failed.
I had really battled that bachelor and held onto it with great force.
I repeated the same year 3 times.

And when I quit, I felt that I had let my parents down.

At the time I was working with kids as a side job, and when I started doing it more for a living,
I realized that I wanted to do more than just organize their daily activities after school.
I wanted to really help and go more in depth.
That is how I started the bachelor that I am currently doing that teaches me everything about
kids & parents and the process of upbringing.
I was actually quite grateful for not finishing that first bachelor so that I could get to do
I really wanted.

My relationship with failure changed.
It made me braver and try out things that I wouldn’t have in my early twenties.

I decided at one point that I wanted to make a career switch to work in customer service.
I needed a job that would provide me with more stability.
From a terrace in France, I received an e-mail from a job agency.
They were looking to hire somebody in the office.
I called them right up and convinced them over the phone that I was a good fit for them.
You know what? I all did it on good bluff.

They invited me to come in for a trial day.
I ended up working there for a few months until all my coworkers and me weren't needed
there anymore. The service center stopped existing.
That job ended up getting me into world of customer service
It is almost one year ago to the date that happened.
I started working for a provider of internet, television and mobile phone's next

and there I found while I was perfectly happy solving the problem, I didn't like the part where
I had to make a sale. From there I rolled into my current job that actually isn't that
aggressive on their commercial part. They provide people with what they need.

Other epic failures that happened was when I organized this event

and literally nobody showed.
It gave me the chance to review where it had gone wrong and had me trying again.
At the next event people actually showed up. It taught me so much.

Then finally I want to talk about my own personal journey of maintaining a healthy life style.
It has been a life's work, but I'm finally getting it.
I know what works for me, because I know me best.

Where a few may be able to achieve at a cold-turkey method. No this, no that.
Instead this and that. My changes have been gradually building up. It's a step by step method.
It's really empowering to see what I've achieved over the last few months.

There is still work to do, but I am getting to where I want to be.

Thank god, for the past fails!

This is my shout out to all of you who will inevitably and epically fail.
Turn the obstacles of failure into your stepping stones,

and may it lead you to great places!

What is your relationship with failure like? Do you fail and try again?
Do you allow yourself to learn from what hasn't worked for you?
Tell me about it!

Love and blessings,

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How to make life light through playfulness

Oh, the sweet wisdom of kids.
Our youngsters.
If only us adults would take more from them, life would be so much easier on us.
Trust me.

I have worked with children for 10 years. Through the fabulous creativity, shared love, kindness, and little life lessons: many of them actually taught me.
I was a willing student. 
They taught me to appreciate all the seasons and be one with nature again.
When I started working with children, I learned that accepting nature's phases actually healed my seasonal depressions for me. I was outside with them a lot.
Through falling leaves, snow fights, rainy days and hot summer.

When I was 21, it was actually quite a shock for me to discover how serious I had been taking my life.
I had lost all of my playfulness, and felt the weight of adult life pressing on me. It was to be expected I would finish that first bachelor study.
I wanted to.
I felt if i didn't I wouldn't be quite as worthy in society as the rest of the people.
In working with kids I learned that I was fighting for a program that wouldn't make me happy in the very end, and so after a while I made the decision to quit.

I had my new mission: working with children.
And my side mission? Learning playfulness again from my excellent little teachers.
I played tack climbed even if my adult body with a lovely muffin top didn't like it anymore.
Through the kids I reconnected with my favourite childhood activities such as coloring, drawing, dancing and making epic stuff out of lego with them.

As of late I have been working a more serious job again and get what?
Oh, how serious I have become.
One year out of my original workfield and I am this serious again.
No wonder: there's a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.
Then the other day, as I was doing an inner child meditation I saw my younger self playing on the beach happily building sandcastles and I burst out in tears. I realized how much I really miss being around children.
And then I stopped and realized what I am really missing for the moment is being playful.
I started thinking on how to get that element back in my life for a third time.
And here's what I want to share about it.

Dancing around the house

Music always lifts my spirits. Turn up that tune, do a little dance. It lifts your mood and helps you not to take things so seriously.

My favourite childhood activities

I love to color. It relaxes me and brings me joyful childhood memories.
Other things I loved to do when I was a kid was horseback riding, singing, and watching Disney movies.
I still do all of those things to make sure my inner child gets her fun


Jokes are the best! I crack them often and even do a little pranking at times. Nothing that is ever too mean to others though.


The world is this place full of miracles. I never stop being in wonderment of it, and am always looking to discover new things and be amazed.


In the mundane of this life, I always try my best to think of ways to make normal things more fun. When I was working a warehouse job I would race my coworkers in who would get boxes stacked the quickest

So, how about you?
Do you still allow yourself to play and connect with that inner child of yours?
What were your favourite childhood things?

I would love to hear from you!

Love and blessings,

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Life update: mid-year reflection

Isn't it crazy that it is already july? It feels like yesterday that I welcomed 2018 into my life.
Before I know it, the months seem to be gone.
What did I actually do so far?

Found a new job

Fresh start, and I guess... fresh job.
I work a customer service job that serves people in their medical materials.
To be specific I take calls for the department of urology.
Simply said: people who have no control over their bladder call me for their things.
I also help to advice in the right use and right materials when needed. I Iike it when I get 'difficult customers'. I know it sounds crazy, but they give me something to work for. There's usually some extra arrangments I have to make for these cases, which is challenging. I am a person who likes to be challenged in what I do.

Healthy eating

Oh, it's been a journey.
An overwhelming one at that. I have been on this journey with ups and downs.
In February I finally gained control over the wheel and decided I had to start somewhere. That somewhere was cutting out drinking soda's in the weekdays. I only allowed myself to have one or two in a weekend.

Then I started taking salads to work to eat for lunch. After that I made eating breakfast a thing. I am a difficult eater for breakfast. I just feel like I can't get anything but coffee in. I found myself the perfect breakfast solution. Some yoghurt, some oats, some fruit and a little fruit juice.
This way I get everything I want for my breakfast in a drink. 


Another up and down journey, but I am happy to say I have never been this stable in my work outs.
Starting last November the biggest break I had from the gym were two months because of a strain on my right back hand. Just very recently it's healed enough so I get to go back again. I am even confident enough to start my Zumba classes very soon.

Domain name

I am officially with domain name for my blog. In blogging I have also been rather consistent. Which is something I am proud of. Sure, I do need a little social media break sometimes to refresh my energy. Nothing wrong with that.
I'm back to rock and roll lads and lasses!

This has been my mid year so far.
What is coming up? More focus on study and all of the above goals. 

I have learned that little changes can lead to a pretty big one.
I am very excited to see where I am at the end of the year.

What have you done and achieved so far?
What are you proud of? Any wishes for the next half year?