Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Life update: mid-year reflection

Isn't it crazy that it is already july? It feels like yesterday that I welcomed 2018 into my life.
Before I know it, the months seem to be gone.
What did I actually do so far?

Found a new job

Fresh start, and I guess... fresh job.
I work a customer service job that serves people in their medical materials.
To be specific I take calls for the department of urology.
Simply said: people who have no control over their bladder call me for their things.
I also help to advice in the right use and right materials when needed. I Iike it when I get 'difficult customers'. I know it sounds crazy, but they give me something to work for. There's usually some extra arrangments I have to make for these cases, which is challenging. I am a person who likes to be challenged in what I do.

Healthy eating

Oh, it's been a journey.
An overwhelming one at that. I have been on this journey with ups and downs.
In February I finally gained control over the wheel and decided I had to start somewhere. That somewhere was cutting out drinking soda's in the weekdays. I only allowed myself to have one or two in a weekend.

Then I started taking salads to work to eat for lunch. After that I made eating breakfast a thing. I am a difficult eater for breakfast. I just feel like I can't get anything but coffee in. I found myself the perfect breakfast solution. Some yoghurt, some oats, some fruit and a little fruit juice.
This way I get everything I want for my breakfast in a drink. 


Another up and down journey, but I am happy to say I have never been this stable in my work outs.
Starting last November the biggest break I had from the gym were two months because of a strain on my right back hand. Just very recently it's healed enough so I get to go back again. I am even confident enough to start my Zumba classes very soon.

Domain name

I am officially with domain name for my blog. In blogging I have also been rather consistent. Which is something I am proud of. Sure, I do need a little social media break sometimes to refresh my energy. Nothing wrong with that.
I'm back to rock and roll lads and lasses!

This has been my mid year so far.
What is coming up? More focus on study and all of the above goals. 

I have learned that little changes can lead to a pretty big one.
I am very excited to see where I am at the end of the year.

What have you done and achieved so far?
What are you proud of? Any wishes for the next half year?



  1. Sounds like an exciting start to the year - congratulations on getting a new job. Eating healthy and exercising are hard to get into the habit of, so well done! :) I've been getting better with my eating habits, too, and it's definitely helped my overall mood. I find it easier to do it in the summer, though, so not sure how my eating habits will turn out in winter!

    1. ahhh making a plan is what its all about. Maybe in a year or two i will be like a master prepper lol!
      I usually take sundays to do week preperations, so that I don't have to lose too much time on my weekdays doing things I could have done on sunday. But it takes practice and consistency. Just as it does for blogging ;)

  2. I love a little mid year review, it really helps you see where you have come from and refocuses you I think. Sounds like you are ding great!

  3. Sounds like you're on a great way to leading a healthy lifestyle. I also implemented several changes: I never drank soft drinks, so I didn't get rid of that, but I also started cooking my own food for work and not going out to eat. I haven't started with exercises yet, I have to do it soon though.