Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How to make life light through playfulness

Oh, the sweet wisdom of kids.
Our youngsters.
If only us adults would take more from them, life would be so much easier on us.
Trust me.

I have worked with children for 10 years. Through the fabulous creativity, shared love, kindness, and little life lessons: many of them actually taught me.
I was a willing student. 
They taught me to appreciate all the seasons and be one with nature again.
When I started working with children, I learned that accepting nature's phases actually healed my seasonal depressions for me. I was outside with them a lot.
Through falling leaves, snow fights, rainy days and hot summer.

When I was 21, it was actually quite a shock for me to discover how serious I had been taking my life.
I had lost all of my playfulness, and felt the weight of adult life pressing on me. It was to be expected I would finish that first bachelor study.
I wanted to.
I felt if i didn't I wouldn't be quite as worthy in society as the rest of the people.
In working with kids I learned that I was fighting for a program that wouldn't make me happy in the very end, and so after a while I made the decision to quit.

I had my new mission: working with children.
And my side mission? Learning playfulness again from my excellent little teachers.
I played tack climbed even if my adult body with a lovely muffin top didn't like it anymore.
Through the kids I reconnected with my favourite childhood activities such as coloring, drawing, dancing and making epic stuff out of lego with them.

As of late I have been working a more serious job again and get what?
Oh, how serious I have become.
One year out of my original workfield and I am this serious again.
No wonder: there's a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.
Then the other day, as I was doing an inner child meditation I saw my younger self playing on the beach happily building sandcastles and I burst out in tears. I realized how much I really miss being around children.
And then I stopped and realized what I am really missing for the moment is being playful.
I started thinking on how to get that element back in my life for a third time.
And here's what I want to share about it.

Dancing around the house

Music always lifts my spirits. Turn up that tune, do a little dance. It lifts your mood and helps you not to take things so seriously.

My favourite childhood activities

I love to color. It relaxes me and brings me joyful childhood memories.
Other things I loved to do when I was a kid was horseback riding, singing, and watching Disney movies.
I still do all of those things to make sure my inner child gets her fun


Jokes are the best! I crack them often and even do a little pranking at times. Nothing that is ever too mean to others though.


The world is this place full of miracles. I never stop being in wonderment of it, and am always looking to discover new things and be amazed.


In the mundane of this life, I always try my best to think of ways to make normal things more fun. When I was working a warehouse job I would race my coworkers in who would get boxes stacked the quickest

So, how about you?
Do you still allow yourself to play and connect with that inner child of yours?
What were your favourite childhood things?

I would love to hear from you!

Love and blessings,

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  1. Aw, I love this so much! I recently started collecting postage stamps cause my younger self did and I can tell you, it's one of the most relaxing things I've ever done recently.

    cabin twenty-four