A 100 days

What is a 100 days project?

The idea has been out there for a long time.
It is not new and it has been done before.
One example is the youtube channel: Give it 100 - It's where you choose one thing to commit to for a 100 days. There was a 100 days push up challenge, a learn-how-to-dance in a 100 days and a mom and daughter who went on a weight loss journey together.
Another great one that I love has been done by Michelle Poler where she faces a 100 fears. One every single day. Hooray for your bravery miss Poler!
It is that simple. Take one thing that you commit to, and repeat it every day.

What does it do?

This question is hard to answer. It's subjective. One person may experience this, the other may experience something else.
I'd say it will bring about transformation, insight, change and you could develop a new skill. It really depends on your project.

What did I do?

I started a 100 day - I am - project last year.
The idea was to commit to writing something positive about myself every single day for a 100 days. It was about a personal trait of mine. I did it because I wanted to do something positive for myself and see what it would do for me.

What happened for me?
I grew more confident, learned about who I truly am and how to appreciate all these different sides to me. It was magnificent!
A true transformation happened within myself. As a result of my project I let go of negative things and people in my life. I started respecting my own time and by the end of it I made a huge decision to quit a job that had been holding me back for years. I now do a job that helps me to grow in my career. Movement!

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