Sunday, July 15, 2018

When failure leads to future victory

I used to be so afraid to fail when I was younger.
When you give something important a try, all you want is to succeed right?

What I learned though throughout the years is that failing is this epically important thing.
When I quit my first bachelor program at first, it felt like I had failed.
I had really battled that bachelor and held onto it with great force.
I repeated the same year 3 times.

And when I quit, I felt that I had let my parents down.

At the time I was working with kids as a side job, and when I started doing it more for a living,
I realized that I wanted to do more than just organize their daily activities after school.
I wanted to really help and go more in depth.
That is how I started the bachelor that I am currently doing that teaches me everything about
kids & parents and the process of upbringing.
I was actually quite grateful for not finishing that first bachelor so that I could get to do
I really wanted.

My relationship with failure changed.
It made me braver and try out things that I wouldn’t have in my early twenties.

I decided at one point that I wanted to make a career switch to work in customer service.
I needed a job that would provide me with more stability.
From a terrace in France, I received an e-mail from a job agency.
They were looking to hire somebody in the office.
I called them right up and convinced them over the phone that I was a good fit for them.
You know what? I all did it on good bluff.

They invited me to come in for a trial day.
I ended up working there for a few months until all my coworkers and me weren't needed
there anymore. The service center stopped existing.
That job ended up getting me into world of customer service
It is almost one year ago to the date that happened.
I started working for a provider of internet, television and mobile phone's next

and there I found while I was perfectly happy solving the problem, I didn't like the part where
I had to make a sale. From there I rolled into my current job that actually isn't that
aggressive on their commercial part. They provide people with what they need.

Other epic failures that happened was when I organized this event

and literally nobody showed.
It gave me the chance to review where it had gone wrong and had me trying again.
At the next event people actually showed up. It taught me so much.

Then finally I want to talk about my own personal journey of maintaining a healthy life style.
It has been a life's work, but I'm finally getting it.
I know what works for me, because I know me best.

Where a few may be able to achieve at a cold-turkey method. No this, no that.
Instead this and that. My changes have been gradually building up. It's a step by step method.
It's really empowering to see what I've achieved over the last few months.

There is still work to do, but I am getting to where I want to be.

Thank god, for the past fails!

This is my shout out to all of you who will inevitably and epically fail.
Turn the obstacles of failure into your stepping stones,

and may it lead you to great places!

What is your relationship with failure like? Do you fail and try again?
Do you allow yourself to learn from what hasn't worked for you?
Tell me about it!

Love and blessings,


  1. This is a great thought and post. The best way to learn is to try something new and we are almost destined to fail a bit in the beginning. In my career in facility design we often use the motto "fail early, fail often, fail spectacularly" - that is we build stuff with cardboard before we try to build it for real. Failing early is also the basis of agile, the current best practice in all project management. So go forth and fail!

  2. Great post! I'm not as afraid of failure as I was back in my 20s. But the fear of failure can still be a real challenge!

  3. I'm glad that you've embraced "failure" because it helped you grow in the long run. It may seem really bad at the time but things will shape itself as long as you don't give up overall. I think this is a pretty cool story because you learned so much along the way and end up doing what you have the passion for. I welcome failure because it's not the end of the world. One door may close but many more will open.

    Nancy ♥

  4. This is a great motivational post for so many people. Of course we all hate failing but often times the lessons we learn from it go on to be so important later on as long as we keep trying!

  5. Great post! Sometimes failure is out way of figuring out that something really isn’t for us, and that’s okay! I’m doing my best to become less afraid of failure. Thanks for sharing!

    Emily Aagaard |