Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A boyfriends guide to a womans week

Hey guys,

This one goes out to you. We need to talk.
Look, I know you won’t be able to understand this as well as us women do, but a lot of us feel really horrible on our week.
Yes, I am talking that week. The woman’s period.
You will probably notice a few things about us such as we’re more stressed, emotional, we can experience mood swings.
Those commercials for products we need to use that week are highly misleading. No, we do not feel like swimming, running, dancing. So, please don’t believe them.
We feel like binging on Netflix and ice cream and an irrational amount of our favourite snacks.

Guys, here is how to survive:
We are in pain

Our back, our legs, our belly, our shoulders. Yes, everything can hurt.
Be a dear, and carry that grocery bag for us.
Belly rubs, and warm water bottles are very welcome too.

Do not overask us

Whilst we like to do little things such as making you a cup of tea in the evening, it can just be too much to ask for in that particular week.
We have to study/work and after the day is done, so are we. Leave us alone or bring us a cup of tea instead.

Bring us the foooood

If we ask you to bring us a burger at an unholy hour, go get it. We will be very grateful.
If we didn’t ask, and you get us our favourite icecream: you deserve a golden star!
Don’t. Look. for. Discussion.

Or there will be moody hell to pay. Understand that we are very hormonal, and we do not like discussion. Don’t try to be: Mr-I-Am-Right.
Do us a favor, and save it for the boys at the bar.
A real no-go is the taunting: awww are you on your period?

We may be emotional

No, nothing terrible happened. We will burst out in tears for no reason. We may have the need to watch really sappy movies  Do not let it shock you. Just give us a hug and be sweet to us.

I'm wrapping this up.
Ladies, show it your guy.
And also, what is your favourite way to deal with the ladies week?

Love and blessings,

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