Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How to do a come-back with confidence

Hello my lovelies,

I am back. After almost a year. I needed a break. 2019 has easily been the most important and challenging year in my life. But that is material for a different blog post.
For the ones that read my blog before you will probably recall that I got into a new job last year October.

Unfortunately I developed a burn-out, resulting in me staying home since February.
Then I would have plenty of time to write, you'd say?
Trust me that I felt like I didn't want to.
Being in a burn out is like living in a haze. You are confused to where it began, why it began and when it will end.
If I was going to get back into blogging, I wanted to have something positive to say as well. Not just be a serial complain gal.

For some reason I woke up this morning and felt an inspirational shift in me.

I can't explain or grasp where it comes from, but I feel very grateful and humbled.
As you know from my posts, I view inspiration as energy. I am excited it came knocking on my door this morning. I am not going to ask why. I am just going to do the job inspiration wants me to.

So here is my guide on how to do a come-back with confidence:

Get into something you like, anything!

It was hard for me to gather up the energy to be consistent in doing something I like.
I was afraid that through the middle of it, I would just leave whatever I was doing and drop it. I allowed fear to mingle with my available energy.
But then it happened!
I realized how much fun I used to have cooking for my neighbours. There is a Dutch community where you can share your homemade meals online and offer them at ingredient price to locals. I started doing this again. With the positive feedback I've been getting, I have been gradually noticing how uplifted I feel by doing this.
It was unrelated to blogging, but it has helped so much.

This has lead me to my next step.

Re-read your old posts.

I was going through my own blog this morning. I noticed a HUGE shift between my very first posts and the latest ones. I have honestly improved so much and I really got consistent and into it. Reading the comments that people left made me feel really happy and excited.

Engage with inspiration

The thing that I will invite you to do is open up your creative inspiration again.
I did this by using a written affirmation that I looked at daily.
I now invite inspiration and creativity back into my life. I am ready.Repeat it, believe it, and feel it. Trust that it will come. Be sure that you keep a notebook close to you to write down any ideas.

Embrace and park your fear

But what about that little naggy voice? "You've been away for a while, do you think that people will even remotely be interested in what you're gonna have to say?"
I did a post on this before, which can be read
here  I say: thank you for doing your job and trying to keep me safe, but I'm going to do it anyway.
Remember that fear does not get to drive your creative mind! Have the confidence that you will do well and keep affirming this to yourself.

Do it

Now get to action. Get writing, get sharing, get back into the community.
Remember to be gentle on yourself.
Do it with joy, be excited, love it.
You know that you got this!

Did you ever do a comeback to the blogging community?
What steps helped you get back in there?



  1. I am so happy that you are back! 🤗 This is such a heartfelt post, Rose.

    Lots of love,

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  3. It's so good that you're back and thank you for sharing this! I've taken short breaks from blogging now and again, but I managed to get back into it by reading and being inspired by other people's blog posts!

    Ashleigh |

  4. Welcome back! I love your tip about re-reading older posts, I need to do this sometime soon! I can only imagine how much I'll hate most of it haha.