Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What would your favourite superhero do?

On this episode of Wednesday Wisdom series, that revolves around finding your artistic inspiration, I am here to surprise you with yet another great way to get it on.
This is an incredible and unique way of gaining inspiration.
A special brainstorm technique that I would like to spend a whole blog post on.
It is asking yourself the question: What would your favourite superhero do?
To use this question we need a problem.
Let's say that our problem is a writers block/artist block.
How would your favourite superhero tackle this problem?

Let's look at mine: Buffy the vampire slayer
I think I may have watched this show about at least 5 times, and I could still watch it!
That means I know my superhero extremely well.

Now just write down the qualities and strategies that your hero uses.

An example:

First of all Buffy would fight to find inspiration by herself. She is one that truly believes in her own strength, creativity and power. She's confident and sassy. Always looking for word jokes, even in dangerous situations. She's a provoker and doesn't step back from offering an unpopular opinion. 
She is not much of a sit-down-in-books kind of girl. But because she's fashionable, she will probably find inspiration in magazines.
Other than that she would actively go out in to the world and be inspired by what she sees there.

If she fails to tackle this problem by herself, that is where she calls in her 'scoobies'.

In the first seasons of the show this would come down mainly to her best friends.
She will ask for their help, because they each have unique talents. Willow is very geeky and knowledgeable, and Xander has a lot of humor. So, Willow will probably point out inspiration from books, whilst Xander would inspire her with funny and sarcastic comments. 

Later on we meet queen bee Cordelia who unlikely joins this group. Cordelia will most likely inspire her in a more negative way. Let's imagine my superhero is a blogger. She would write a: 'How not to be a bitch' tutorial, that Cordelia may have triggered her into doing.
Her watcher which is like her guardian, would oversee the whole process.

Finally remember that she is a vampire slayer. So any negativity coming her way, will not be tolerated and dealt with head on. She will not let herself be trolled by other

Another way you could do this is ask what your favourite superhero would write about. What would their niche be if they had any? Could this inspire you to get some inspiration?
Do you see yourself using this technique? If so, I would love for you to share the results with me.
Finally: do not forget to leave your links in the comments below, and I will return any love given.

Love and blessings,


  1. This is an interesting question. Although not a superhero, but I love the character of Danereys in Game of Thrones and always think of her when I need some inspiration. She is such a badass in what ever she does and always strive for more.

    She makes me wanna be a khaleesi.

    1. Cool! Well, you can pick whoever inspires you for this exercise. I think that the khaleesi makes a great one too. There's lots of strenght to her and she is such a leader. I'd say: go for it!

  2. I love Buffy! It was one of my favorite shows growing up. This is definitely an interesting way to find inspiration!


  3. Oh I used to absolutely love Buffy! And Angel...I had every season of both on VHS. Yes, VHS that's how long ago we're talking. I think she was the first in my lifelong obsession with strong female lead characters. I'm now wondering if I still have those tapes somewhere... x


    1. ha! total worth the rewatch :)
      You will be suprised how many 'new' things you may discover when you rewatch it. Just love it :)

  4. Music is such an inspiration too :)
    I agree, and hey: your hero may be as well a musician. Very cool.
    The song, the lyrics, the instrument, the sphere... why not play with that? :)

  5. I loved Buffy, such a good programme. I also like the idea of thinking like someone else when stuck. Great post x

  6. I used to watch Buffy and loved it! Her character is still one of the best, I can see why she's your superhero. I have lots of favourite superheroes (mainly from Marvel) but this post makes me think about each of them. Great post, hun! xx Ain (