Thursday, April 19, 2018

Things I learned from having my jobs

I have had many jobs over the course of my life.
The longest I've stayed loyal to one company is almost ten years.
That's if you don't count in my volunteerswork which I have been doing for 13 years.
I learned many things from having my jobs. Some were fun, and some were painful. It's been quite a journey. One thing is for sure. I have never been bored.

Getting your first pay check is a marvelous feeling!

I remember getting my first pay check from my actual first job. It was the best feeling in the world that I had made my own money and could now spend it freely on what I wanted. Of course back then I was 19 and still living at my parent's. Adulting reality is there are also bills to be paid. But still, every job I get I do get that simular feeling I had the first time I ever held my first paycheck.

Turning the sour into the sweet


Being a student I have had some seriously crappy and embarassing jobs. But still, they make you money. I made it into my own art that I would turn a sour job sweet by finding a playful way to do it. In a warehouse I would play tetris with boxes, dance around to music, and find the humor in all the different people working there. 
Upon playing a mascotte for a snackbar I would tempt people to come  on by making jokes with them. I would always find a way not to hate it as much as some people probably would.

Just keep shining 

I have had so many people trying to put me down. I've had somebody tell me I was way too much of a leader on the group of kids I had back then. My coworker suggested I should step into the role of supporter because it was going to be her group of kids.
She would shoot down every creative idea I had.
I was young and foolish to actually step into her shadow. When I left that place and got back to working with supportive coworkers I actually regretted listening to her like that. I should have just stepped into the managers office and told her about the weird comment being made instead of losing my shine. There's a special way in which I did things and which made children respond so positively to me. When I look back, I realize there was a lot of jealousy in the game.


Not everybody is going to like you  

And guess what? That's okay! As long as it's not affecting anybody's professional attitude. You still need to get along to the degree you can work together. My advice would be if you hit a bump like that is to give honest feedback. When that isn't answered to, make sure you seek out some help.

Trust in your abilities

Please do! There's a reason you've been hired. Because you got the qualities that they looked for in the first place. Do not allow anything to make you feel insecure and knock you down.

Take constructive feedback and grow.

You recognize good feedback because it is constructive. It is supposed to help you. It's messages that relate to actions and behaviour. They are never about WHO YOU ARE.
And if they are, you know it's personal. At one point I had somebody tell me once that I wasn't as fresh and colorful anymore. I realized that this was related to my personality and not my work. And just so you know I will never stop being fresh and colorful. So that is just unfair. In this case, confront people through an I message. "I heard you say that... and that makes me feel... I'd like it if you can give me constructive feedback so I can improve my actions...'

Know when you need to quit

Sometimes it just doesn't work out at a company. It could be that the company is sending out contradicting messages that hurts your own intregity.
Or that you are just stuck in a same position forever without ever getting more opportunity to grow. It could be manager that just doesn't know how to lead the team and therefor the atmosphere is horrible.
Trust me, that there's always another job for you out there. Do not stick around in fear.


You cannot possibly do everything they want of you. Some companies seem to think their employees are superheros that can meet unrealistic standards. Take part in anonymous survey's about the work place if you can so they can be given the chance to improve. And you don't need to be the one all the time taking up all the work. There's other people working there too. If you they push impossible standards on you, see my previous lesson learned. You don't want a burn out. Trust me.

Never tolerate work bullies

I mean ever. It's just not okay. Ive been there. Seek out help immediately!

Have a vision


It is perfectly ok to have standards for a job you want to do. When I lost mine last January, I started reflecting on what I wanted. How many hours, how much money, the atmosphere, the tasks, the type of manager. I threw it out into the universe and hunted it down. I am very pleased with the job I have in this moment.

If you look at your past jobs, what are the things that you learned?

Love and blessings,



  1. What a great post I can relate to lots of your points- especially not everyone will like you ! I love the idea of turning a boring job into fun and Tertris with boxes sounds a great way to do just that!

    Melanie |

    1. Like mary poppins said: just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. ;)
      That really has been my motto in so many things. Thanks for taking time to read this

  2. I remember getting my first paycheck too. I was only 16 and it was so exciting. I had a Saturday job working in a shoe shop and was paid cash in hand, so every weekend after work I'd treat myself to a Chinese takeaway!


    1. Ahh a chinese take away is a really good treat always. Feels amazing to get that paycheck doesn't it? I was so proud!

  3. I can't wait to get my first proper pay check. Lovely post

  4. These are all great points, couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s so important to realise that it’s perfectly okay not to get along or like someone (and vice-versa) and then you can progress from there! There’s so much pressure within working, especially young people so this is a great help!

    Phoebe x

    1. I agree Phoebe. There is so much pressure. It's almost like playing a game you don't know any rules too. But with years and years you become wiser.

  5. What an interesting post. I really like all the points you made, especially about taking feedback and growing!! Sometimes you want to believe that everything you do is amazing and there’s no way you can be better, but there always is!! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Oh yeah feedback is sooo important. Many people have difficulty with it. It's always good to realize that it's not a personal attack, but just meant to better you <3

  6. Thank you for writing this! As hard as it can be to find work, if you're not happy in your job then it may be time to move on. I love my part time job but find it a little bit repetitive at times. That point about opportunity to grow really resonated with me. I'll definitely take your tips on board!

    1. I am so glad it resonated annie!
      You do deserve the opportunity to grow. If you don't feel like you can, there's no point anymore. At least for me. I'm ambitious and I like to strive for more.

  7. I still remember getting my first paycheck on my first job. It was a good feeling because I worked and felt like I got rewarded. I try not to think of people's jobs being embarrassing because someone has to do it and it's respectful that they do whatever they do for a living! I hate it when people would shoot down ideas! It's so rude and who knows if that idea would've led to some amazing things??? It's good to have boundaries as well. I mean I try not to partake in happy hour whenever I can because I have things to do after work XD. Thanks for these thoughts!

    1. I never felt too good to try any job. Well, okay there's jobs i'd rather not do, but I believe everyone has them. At plucking chickens or working a slaughter house I draw the limit. That is NOT for me. But I am always respectful of others and never place myself above anybody. That is just not fair and like you say disrespectful

  8. Good advice! I learned a few of these the hard way, but overall, I’ve been fortunate with jobs. I learned that making even a small difference is a wonderful thing. I also love the formatting in this post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. that is a wonderful thing to learn cindy1 I love that making a small difference lesson learned. Yes, I learned the hard way too ;)
      But it's rewarding to reflect on how far I've come now.

  9. You are so welcome bexa ^^
    Yes sometimes even when painful as crap we need to quit. I did it last year and i do not regret making that decision, although i miss working with kids every day. I know there's better places for me.