Monday, April 2, 2018

4 smoothies I love

I have recently invested in a fantastic blender!
Before I would always use cheap ones and it left my smoothies smelling like i burned something.
It's the Philips HR2098/30 blender.
Not only does it make smoothies, it can also cook soups, sauces, and crush ice.
It's my amazing new kitchen companion.

I wanted to share my inspiration for smoothies I've tried so far and that I think you will love as the warmer days come around.

 1. Banana & Strawberry

A very simple and delicious one.
Here's what you will need.

1 ml of apple juice
A couple of fresh or frozen strawberries
A banana
Low fat yoghurt

2. Mango dream

Let's get that sunny vibe going!
You will love this one

150 ml of orange juice
A mango
A handful pineapple

Coconut flakes for garnish

3. Forest fruit smoothie
I love forest fruits and they have so much goodness to them!

Handful of strawberries
A few raspberries
Some red berries

100/200 ml water
A teaspoon of sweetener of choice (sugar, honey etc.)

4. Fantasy smoothie 

Here's my fantasy smoothie

100 ml of orange juice
A kiwi
A handful of grapes
A banana
Low fat yoghurt

A tablespoon of oats
A teaspoon of honey

Give me some love if you liked these smoothies.
Happy blending!

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