Sunday, June 3, 2018

Unlimited dreaming - Why to live your dreams

My blog is about colorful living and unlimited dreaming. 
My Sunday series about my big dreams and what I want is concluded today.
I talked about my dream to start a cooking club for kids and I continued to dig up an old childhood dream to write a book.  I told you about my special documentary project idea, and I concluded with wanting to record and share my magical meditations with the world.
I thank you for joining me on that journey.
But now the time has come for you to share your dreams and live them.

And this message is for all the dreamers out there.
It was given by a wise soul and I am fortunate enough to be the vessel.

"Oh darlings,
We see you living your life and your struggles.

Becoming too focused on these struggles will lead to more negativity.
We light hope in your heart. A beautiful flame and bright flame.
And we ask you to dream again.
Your time here on earth is limited, you know?
Why waste it on anything other than doing here what you came for? You have a purpose.
And whilst many may ponder that purpose, it will reveal itself. Go out of the rush of your every day life, and back to your heart.
Here is where the answer lies for you.

If you want to paint, let colors fill your pages.

If you want to share your writings, then let the words flow without any doubt.
If you strive to help others with the special qualities gifted to you, do it without fear.
Spread kindness and support each other. Lift one another up, and other people will shine with you.

Stop being afraid! Fear is not the best advisor for your creative endeavours.

Share yourself with the world. Be you, and realize that your unique abilities will touch many lives around you.

Follow your dreams. Don't let your dreams follow you.

Dreams are there to point out the direction. Not to be a regret of something you wish you would have done."


  1. Lovely quote, thank you for sharing. I'm definitely a dreamer!


  2. I love this! The quote and the header are beautiful and I love the point you made. I am 100% a dreamer