Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Inspirational sources to use for your blogging

My Wednesday series about inspiration is about to come to an end, as I am covering the final topics based on my finding your divine inspiration post.
But not to worry, this post is once again full of ideas for your to try on.
I am going to give you sources that will inspire you. This one is about getting inspired by others.
See, inspiration and creativity is a reaction to what others do a lot of the times.
Have you ever listened to a song that started on the radio and you were pretty sure that it was this one song, yet it is a completely different one? I have been there so many times!
Sometimes when I watch a TV show, I think: Hmmm this is interesting. This is a mix between A show and B show. You know what?
There is actually quite a likely chance that the maker was keeping those in mind as well.
Getting inspired by others and creating your own pieces from that is a great thing.

Allow me to share some ways to get inspired by others.


I think that music is a great source of inspiration for many. There's all kinds of flavors and styles and something out there for you.
The other day I was thinking about doing a blog post about nostalgia. When I mix nostalgia and music I end up with music I grew up listening to. Music that comforted me in difficult times.
You may also want to consider writing about your favourite music style or give us a list of really great singer/song writers. I am very focused on words in music. Why not share your favourite lyrics and explain what they mean to you?

Other bloggers

What I love about all the bloggers out there, is that I never stop to be amazed.
There is so much authenticity going around. I keep thinking: how cool is it that in the midst of this all this particular person has chosen to blog about this? What a great idea!
Sometimes I find myself wanting to write a reply to blogs I read.
I'm not saying to copy the full idea. You want to keep your own voice and style of course.
But let others tickle your inspiration so to say.


A fun exercise you could do. Ask your circle of friends to write down 3 ideas for you to blog about. Explain your niche and see what they come up with.
At the end you will have a list of ideas to use for your next post.

Ted talks

I think for all niches, we can find something in Ted Talks. As a matter of fact, I love starting out my day watching those. It's so much better than opening a news paper and get depressed by the terrible things going on in the world.
I don't know about you, but I don't want that energy on my plate first thing in the day.


I have so many books related to all kinds of topics.
I love reading non fictional books about inspiration, making changes, spirituality, intuition, time management, mindfulness, meditation and so on.
These books are pearls, I tell you! They are packed with inspiration. Just to think that one book inspired me to do a whole series on the topic of inspiration is amazing. That particular book, in case you haven't figured that out yet, is: BIG MAGIC - by Liz Gilbert.
For all the creative souls out there a must read!

As I come to the end of my post, are there any other sources that inspire you that I haven't mentioned?
Who inspires you the most? 

Don't forget to leave some love and a link to your website if you have one.

Love and blessings,


  1. Other bloggers are such a nice source of inspiration, especially the ones who align with your blogging interests. I always love talking to friends for their ideas - it is nice to hear different things :). The other day when I was at Barnes and Noble, I found a lot of books with interesting topics to write in a journal. I thought that'd be a great idea for a source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas! :)!

    Nancy ♥

  2. Ah, i just feel like blogging is a job that solely depends on inspiration. Inspiration is such a special concept that its existence can help us create wonders while in a second it's gone. To me my music and surroundings are my number one sources of inspiration. Great post!

    i.b. |

  3. Brilliant post! I get most of my inspiration from books, magagivnes and other bloggers. I also get it randomly which is cool or even before I go to sleep I get motivated to blog lol

    Melissa 🐝 |

    Moonlight Mel

  4. I agree with so many of these! Obviously books is a main one for me as I am mainly a book blogger, but music is a big one too, I love having some on in the background while writing posts! :)

    Lainy x

  5. I love music, and have need up writing far more blog posts on it than I ever imagined, which are always really popular via StumbleUpon, too!
    Tracy @bloggerbythesea x