Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Meditation for beginners


Let me tell you something.
So many people are scared of the word meditation.
They may think that you are forced to quiet your mind, get in lotus position and chant.
I heard it so many times: 'It is just too hard'What if I told you that I think many people are putting too much pressure on it? Their expectations may be way too high on a first session.
Meditation is supposed to be relaxing. For your mind, for your body.
So here are a few tips:

1. Get comfortable!
Forget about the friggin' difficult positions. Build a pillow fort and chill out

2. Just breathe...
I do like the guided meditations, but I ain't always comfortable with the way they tell me to breathe. It is important that you breathe easily, but don't force a method that doesn't feel good. My tip: lay your hand on your stomach and breathe to your hand to get a relaxing phase of breathing.

3. Don't expect huge things
Looking forward to have amazing visions? They are possible, you know. I'm advanced in meditation but not even I always get them. The effect of meditation is often more subtle. Being able to deal with the day a whole lot better and being  less stressed is only one of the many wonderful benefits.

4. Pick your way of meditating

There are so many out there. What is that you like? A little mandala coloring?
Guided visualisation? Mindful walk in the forest? A quick body scan? Or just a few minutes of breathing with your eyes closed? It is upto you. Meditation is fun!

5. Practice, practice, practice

Even when your mind does not go quiet on the first time, it is possible to achieve this with practice. Stick with your exercise and have patience as you are learning something new. You couldn't walk in a day, so don't expect to meditate perfectly in one day either.

My golden tip? When your mind gets distracted just watch your thoughts go by without engagement. Bring your focus back to the way you breathe.
And if you practice mindfulness it is about accepting every thought that comes to mind. Having a curious and open attitude without judging them.

And lastly... relax!
This is what meditation is about. It is a charger to your body, like sleep is.
If you do have any questions about meditation, I will be happy to answer them.

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